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Industrial Rehabilitation

Job Performance

Our physical therapist are qualified to perform ergonomic evaluations at the job site as well as design programs for industry to meet ADA requirements and to decrease the cost of workers compensation premiums and claims. By maintaining a health partnership with the employer we are better able to meet the needs of the employees and return them to the workplace.

In conjuction with WorkSteps, Body Owners offers post offer job screening that is specific to each job task to qualify each individual for their desired position.  Research proves that these objective test reduce thousands of dollars in workers compensation claims and allow the employer to know who they are hiring.  Our specialist will put them through a muskuloskeletal exam and a work simulated task that is specific for their job to determine their physical capabilities to perform the desired job task.

Some of the test we offer are listed here:

Functional Capacitance Evaluations
Fit for Duty Test
Pre Job Screening
Sincerity Test
Ergonomic Evaluations at Job Site
Post Offer Test
Upper Quadrant/Carpal Tunnel Testing