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Golf Swing Analysis

Do you have any swing faults that are holding your golf game back? Are you Early Extending on your down swing, or have a Chicken Wing with your lead arm, or Coming Over the Top? You may have some physical limitations including tightness, weakness, or poor stability in various muscle groups that are contributing to these common swing faults. The Titleist Performance Institute has researched and correlated various swing faults with specific physical limitations. They have allowed physical therapist to become certified golf instructors to perform physical performance evaluations and video analysis to assist clients with improving their swing. Heather Smith is now a Certified Titleist Performance Golf Instructor and is performing assessments at Body Owners.

Advantages of the Titleist Physical Performance Assessment with Heather Smith MPT, MTC

  • Identify physical limitations including weakness and flexibility that limit your ability to swing efficiently and effectively.
  • Prevent Injury that keeps you from playing golf. (ie: knee, elbow, hip, or back injury)
  • Identify your swing faults and what physical limitations are causing them.
  • Improve the power in your swing and increase your drive distance.

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Additional benefits of TPI include:

  • Working with a physical therapist with skills in orthopedics and sports rehabilitation, will help prevent injuries by identifying risk. Often swing faults contribute to specific injuries like back, elbow or knee pain to list a few.
  • Physical therapist are bio-mechanic experts of the human body. The PT has a good understanding the golf swing to assist golfers with preventing swing faults that may contribute negatively to the game.
  • The skills of a physical therapist will improve the efficiency and outcomes through manual therapy, modalities in combination with exercise if indicated.
  • You are given a very thorough documented reports with your video to show your swing faults and how it correlates to your physical abilities.
  • The TPI Instructor works closely with the professional golfers to help you improve your swing efficiency concerning club fit and fundamentals of the swing that only your pro can help you with.

Check out www.mytpi.com to learn more about the Titleist Performance Institute

Titlist Physical Performance Assessments for Golf Swing
Body Owners Physical Therapy
Heather Smith MPT, MTC/ TPI Certified Golf Performance Instructor

Initial Assessment: $150

  • Includes: - Physical assessment: performed at Body Owners or will come to your golf course, gym, or home to perform.
  • Video Golf Swing – Analyzed with Swing Loft Software to identify swing faults
  • Written Assessment and Plan to improve limitations specific for swing faults.
  • Plan includes a specific exercise program to improve limitations that were identified in the assessment.

Training Visits: $75

  • 60-minute sessions with a physical therapist that include: specific therapeutic exercises, neuromuscular re-education, plyometrics, golf specific exercises, and manual physical therapy to reach goals.
  • Training at Body Owners, gym, or home
  • >Ask more about group exercise rates!

Concierge Services: Specific for TPI clients only

    • 6 Visits: $400
    • 12 Visits: $835
    • 24 Visits: $1500