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Body Owners Physical Therapy and Wellness Center is leading the way in outpatient orthopedic rehabilitation in Key West Florida. Our innovative approach of partnering with cutting edge therapists ensures that our patients will have an exceptional therapy experience in our facility. Along with a friendly staff Body Owners provides a warm, fun environment that all of our patients enjoy while attending their therapy sessions



Body Owners Physical Therapy has been providing rehabilitation services in Key West Florida since 2004 and is privately owned by a physical therapist. Heather M. Smith PT, MTC acquired Body Owners in June 2008 from Lilah Brand MS, PT. Heather continues to progress Body Owners to a reputable physical therapy practice. Body Owners strives to provide the best physical and occupational therapy services to all the community of the lower Keys. Therapist and staff make up the mission that Heather implemented at Body Owners, which is an individualized hands on approach to treating patients. The therapists provide a specialized treatment for the patients overall impairments to improve wellness and increase function.

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